Buying a Home in the GTA Can Be Challenging 
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Whether it's your first time, or first time in a long time, we make sure you are READY to buy your next home for the lowest price possible without the games.

Does this sound like you?

  • ​you are tired of renting and paying someone else's mortgage
  • ​you've thought about buying your own home and then changed your mind
  • ​you never even ALLOWED yourself to dream about owning your own home
  • ​you're tired of living the life that others have prescribed for you
  • ​you are a woman who has been thinking about buying real estate
  • ​you crave financial SECURITY, RESPECT and CREDIBILITY
  • ​you feel STUCK
  • ​you want to be independent
  • ​you want to be prepared for everything life offers down the road
  • ​you want to build OPTIONS for the future
  • ​you want to become the person you are meant to be
  • ​you want to be EMPOWERED
  • ​you want to be SUCCESSFUL
  • ​you want to achieve all that you can in life
  • ​you want to live life without limitation
  • ​you want to live YOUR BEST LIFE
  • ​you want to turn your wildest dreams into goals and CRUSH them
  • ​you want to attract the abundant life you've always wanted
  • ​you want to go from overwhelmed to complete clarity

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    We Share over 20 Secrets Every Home Buyer Needs to Know

    • The single biggest thing you have to do BEFORE you start home shopping
    • ​​What every SUCCESSFUL homebuyer knows
    • What you need to do every single day to ensure your success 
    • 3 ways to overcome insecurity​
    • How you can become independent and change your DESTINY
    • How home ownership gives you wealth
    • ​How to buy your own home even if you think you can’t ... or shouldn’t
    • ​​How to buy a home even if you don't have 20% downpayment
    • ​How to set and achieve your goals using Sandra's sure-fire method
    • ​Sure fire way to know you are doing the right thing
    • ​How to eliminate doubt
    • ​What you should NEVER do when you are buying your own home
    • ​How to say GOODBYE to waiting for MR. RIGHT to come along before you can buy your own home! 
    • ​How to leave 'em in the dust when they say a woman can't buy real estate
    • ​How to make important decisions quickly and easily
    • ​How to avoid the frustration many homebuyers face
    • ​What to do if you are not sure you SHOULD buy your own home
    • ​How to AVOID making a mistake
    • ​How to know when it's the right thing to do
    • Why you are Home Worthy and you deserve it
    • ​How to achieve whatever goal you set for yourself
    • How to be able to PLAN your achievements
    • Why just HAVING A PLAN ISN'T ENOUGH to get you past the finish line
    • That EVERYTHING is possible
    We help people who feel stuck in their lives find solutions and overcome obstacles that block them, so they can move forward to the next stage of their lives. 

    Here's How It Works...

    • We meet and have a chat to find out if we are a good fit. ​At bare minimum, you will likely walk away with helpful information you didn't have before. 
    • ​You decide what is important to you. Through this you are sure to gain some valuable insight.
    • ​You'll get a clear path forward through expert advice and feel better about your move.

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    Realty That Is Focused On YOU!

    Part 1: Know The Real Value of The Home You're Buying

    (1 minute 43 seconds)

    Part 2: Protect Your Interest

    (1 minute 12 seconds)

    Part 3: Making A Winning Offer

    (40 seconds)

    Part 4: Providing The Right Information

    (1 minute 22 seconds)

    Part 5: Time Efficiency 

    (29 seconds)

    This Is Why You Need To Contact Us Today!

    • You may have info but we decipher the data for you using 40 yrs combined experience and explain everything to you
    • We are experts in our field so you won't have to spend months trying to figure it out on your own
    • We will develop a plan to locate and buy your dream home
    • ​You retain control at all times
    • ​Your goals & objectives are truly important to us
    • We present the info so you can make an informed decision
    • ​You will experience the difference in hiring professionals who care
    • ​We are diligent, accessible, and knowledgeable
    • ​You get our elite representation for FREE (we don't charge you a fee or commission when buying)
    • ​Bare minimum, you'll have a clear idea of what you want to do, and will be more focused

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    Here's what Catherine has to say...

    “I'm doing what I love to do and the passion and drive for excellence benefits our clients as well as it brings me joy. I recognize that people depend on varying levels of support and I provide it with heart. My skills, experience and know-how are brought to the table to help my clients get everything they want so they can move to the next step of their journey. ”

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    As Seen On HGTV's
    Property virgins &
    Buy Herself
    In 2006, Sandra was cast as the Host of HGTV’s popular program titled “Property Virgins”. A perfect fit, this gave Sandra the ability to help first-time buyers purchase their dream home while being able to share her extensive knowledge with viewers all over Canada and the U.S. In 2008 Sandra released her first book titled "Realty Check: The Real Scoop on Real Estate" followed by her newest book titled "Home Worthy: How to Buy Your Dream Home with Ease". She's also the recipient of the coveted Stevie Award for Women in Business for Best Canadian Entrepreneur, and has toured across North America lending her expertise on programs like The View, CNN, Steven and Chris, The Nate Berkus Show and Marilyn Denis.

    Sandra's known for her big heart and involvement with many charities, including Breast Cancer Research, Toronto General Hospital, Etobicoke Humane Society, Plan Canada, Parkdale Community Food Bank, Courage for Freedom, Operation Underground Railroad, Toronto Wildlife Centre and many others. She also helps with an Annual Basket Drive for women's shelters at Christmas, along with donating time to the Ontario Lung Association, Coats for Kids and Courage for Freedom. She is also an avid animal lover and donates to a variety of Canadian and International causes. 

    In 2012 after 130 episodes, Sandra decided that it was time to move on from "Property Virgins" to focus on something new. She began filming a new TV show that she created and starred in titled "Buy Herself" which helps single women navigate their way through the real estate process. "Being on TV is fun, but my passion lies with the day to day work of a real estate broker. I love helping people and solving their real estate problems" says Rinomato. Her real estate career has taken her from Milton to Pickering and up to Vaughan and she has assisted with the sales of more than $400,000,000 worth of real estate.

    Most recently, Sandra released a new book called "Home Worthy: How to Buy Your Dream Home with Ease". As the perfect companion to her book she developed Home Worthy Master Class that includes support for women who are considering buying real estate.

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    Buy Your Next Home For The Lowest Price Possible, Without The Games.

    Hi, I am Sandra Rinomato...

    My husband and business partner, Gary MacRae, Realtor®, and I are focused on helping you buy your next home!  We have built a successful real estate business over the last 20+ years by listening to the needs of our clients and this has allowed us to help them ultimately get to the place that they truly want to go.

    Gary and I have 40 years experience combined, in and around Toronto and the GTA. We're experts in winning in multiple offers, using strategies that other realtors don't even know about.

    We excel in accurate property evaluation with our up to the minute knowledge of market trends and we utilize the most beneficial buying strategies to help you make winning offers on the home that you are interested in for the best deal possible. 

    We work with all ranges of buyers in the GTA. Whether it's your first time, or first-time-in-a-long-time, we provide top-notch responsible care.

    When you hire us in the GTA you get quality representation which means you get your dream home faster and without over paying!

    If you are ready to take the stress and anxiety out of buying your next home, schedule a call now to learn how we can help you with this today!

    Sandra Rinomato 
    Broker of Record, CRB, SRS, SRES

    Meet My Husband and Business Partner, Gary MacRae.

    Gary MacRae 

    "I perform three critical roles in your life when helping you buy your next  home. I’m your consultant/advisor, I am your negotiator and I am your transactional manager.
    As your consultant, you hire me, to buy a home for the best price and terms possible and you do this in a time-period that works best for you and getting all this done in a way that minimizes stress when dealing with high levels of complexity.
    My second role is, I am your negotiator, and, as your negotiator, I treat your hard earned money like it is mine and the time will come to save you, and make you money and I’ll be your pit bull, protecting your interests.
    The third role is, I am your transaction manager and act as your one point of contact for making any real estate transition effortless for you."

    I'm a seasoned realtor and I have seen it all. I have been a top producing agent throughout my career. My direct, no nonsense approach is appreciated by my clients and colleagues alike. My ability to relate to different people and situations enables me to serve the best interests of all of my clients. Highly skilled as a negotiator, I have an instinct for putting deals together efficiently and accurately. My 20 year experience enables me to quickly process information, fuelling my dynamic and proactive style, to the complete satisfaction of my clients.  ~Gary MacRae

    "Honest, considerate and passionate - Gary MacRae is all you could want in a realtor. He made our buying and selling process effortless with his extensive knowledge, sage advice and uncompromising commitment to our families comfort and happiness. Even with clients all over the city we always felt like we were his sole focus - he was (and is!) always available to answer questions, to meet in person and takes the time to ensure we're informed and confident in our decisions. From bidding to preparing our house for sale on a tight timeline Gary worked tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring we got good value for our money and a great return on our investment. I highly recommend him to all who are seeking the absolute best results in a worry-free and gratifying real estate experience."

    - Dave Backus

    Ready for a Free no-obligation call? 
    We love to talk about real estate. 

    "We help people who feel stuck in their lives find 
    solutions and overcome obstacles that block them, so they 
    can move forward to the next stage of their lives."

    -Sandra Rinomato & Gary MacRae

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